Learn more about recent news and events and the past progress of the LymeX Innovation Accelerator.

LymeX Partnership Launched (2020-Present)

May 2023. Recognizing Lyme Disease Awareness Month 2023. LymeX Diagnostics Prize News.

May 2022. Lyme Diagnostics Prize Phase 1 launches. LymeX Diagnostics Prize News.

December 2021. “Launching Partnerships and ‘LymeX ECHO’ to Drive Diagnostics Innovation for Lyme Disease.” HHS Blog with the NASA Center of Excellence for Collaborative Innovation and Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

October 2021. LymeMIND Virtual Conference. “Government Action Against Lyme Disease Panel.” Speaking Engagement with the Steven & Alexandra Cohen Foundation.

October 2021. LymeX Research Workshop: Advancing Patient-Driven Research for Lyme Disease. HHS Virtual Event with Four Breakout Groups:

  • LymeX Workshop Breakout 1: Improving Patient Outcomes 
  • LymeX Workshop Breakout 2: Ensuring Health Equity in Lyme Disease Diagnosis, Prevention, and Control 
  • LymeX Workshop Breakout 3: Advancing Treatment of Tick-Borne Diseases
  • LymeX Workshop Breakout 4: Data for Lyme Innovation

July 2021. “Lawmakers push for Lyme disease research as tick population climbs” in Roll Call (external media). LymeX Press Coverage.

April 2021. LymeX Roundtable: Bridging the Trust Gap. HHS Webinar.

October 2020. LymeX launches LymeX Crowdicity. LymeX Crowdicity Platform.

October 2020. LymeMIND “Announcing LymeX.” Speaking Engagement with Steven & Alexandra Cohen Foundation.

HHS Launches Lyme Innovation (2018-2020)

December 2019. Congress passes the Kay Hagan Tick Act. U.S. Law, SEC. 404, page 584.

May 2019. Lyme Innovation at the U.S. Department of Labor Tech Day.

November 2018. Government joins the Lyme Innovation movement; HHS launches its Lyme Innovation initiative. HHS Blog.

October 2018 – January 2019. HHS “TOP Health” Tech Sprint focuses on Lyme Innovation. HHS News/Blog.

Community-Led Lyme Innovation (2015-2018)

December 2017-2022. TBDWG holds 24 public meetings. HHS Event (virtual and in-person).

November 2015. AAAS Science & Technology Policy Fellowships Forum (2-day workshop) on “Innovation-X: Rising Above the Politics for Progress in Science.”

The LymeX Diagnostics Prize is a competition to accelerate the development of Lyme disease diagnostics.